135 Things Every Man Should Do Before He Dies

This list is a work in progress (with the ultimate goal of getting to 1,000). Please use the comment form below (or our contract form) to send me more suggestions for the list!

1) Build a Rube Goldberg machine.

2) Make out with a girl.

3) Play the slots in Vegas.

4) Charter a boat for a fishing trip.

5) Make out with a girl at a movie theater.

6) Create an heir.

7) Hit the launch button on an Estes model rocket.

8) View Paris from the top of that tower-like structure.

9) Go to Stonehenge.

10) Get arrested.

11) Write a book.

12) Go bungee jumping.

13) Serve as first mate on a sail boat.

14) Smoke a Cuban cigar.

15) Brew your own batch of beer.

16) Go on a zero gravity flight.

17) See the Northern Lights.

18) Play craps.

19) Volunteer at a soup kitchen.

20) Drive Highway 1 from Las Angeles to San Francisco.

21) Rent a scooter and drive across an ancient European city.

22) Walk a section of the Great Wall.

23) Make the eight ball off the break.

24) Go skydiving.

25) Join a fraternity or secret society.

26) Kill something.

27) Go streaking.

28) Take a woman on a hot air balloon ride.

29) Gut a deer.

30) Go trap shooting.

31) Play a round of gold (or putt putt).

32) Eat something raw (that’s made of meat).

33) Get drunk in a cemetery.

34) Give or receive a black eye (in a fight).

35) Go all in on a bet.

36) Learn to play a song on an instrument.

37) Learn enough in a foreign language to get f**ked or shot.

38) Tend a garden that yields edible food.

39) Repair an engine.

40) Go bridge jumping.

41) Ride a motorcycle (not on the back).

42) Hit on an unattainable woman.

43) Invent your own mixed drink.

44) Go snowboarding (if you have to, go skiing).

45) Total a vehicle (really well).

46) Ride a mechanical bull.

47) Be a best man at a wedding.

48) Get kicked out of a bar.

49) Do a poetry reading.

50) Go scuba diving.

51) Bowl over 200.

52) Fly a plane.

53) Have a threesome (or at least make out with two girls on the same night).

54) Pass on some of your skills to a child.

55) Discharge a firearm.

56) Get cited in the Guiness Book of World Records.

57) Buy a vet a beer.

58) Play chess until you beat someone you shouldn’t, then quit forever (stolen from Esquire).

59) Attend an AA meeting.

60) Beat a child in video games.

61) Go mountain biking.

62) Hike the Grand Canyon.

63) Camp where you’re supposed to.

64) Free climb a wall or cliff that’s at least twice as tall you.

65) Go spelunking.

66) Shoot a flamethrower.

67) Hit on a milf that’s available and willing to receive said advances.

68) Watch all the Star Wars movie.

69) Use the word “iconoclast” conversationally (thanks, Josh).

70) Give a homeless person $20.

71) Save a cat that’s stuck in a tree.

72) Read Lolita (thanks, Esquire).

73) Light a fart on fire.

74) Light a dog’s fart on fire.

75) Ride a horse bareback (or with a saddle if you have a weak composition).

76) Make your own chile recipe.

77) Have sex in a body of water (thanks Esquire).

78) Eat haggis (thanks Esquire).

79) Write a computer program (even if it’s just “Hello, World!”).

80) Design a card game.

81) Attend a comic convention.

82) Take a hallucinogenic.

83) Steal something.

84) Attend a music festival where you camp attend.

85) Crowd surf or penetrate a mosh pit.

86) Go to a Radiohead concert.

87) Travel somewhere by yourself where you’re at least 10 miles from the nearest human being.

88) Start a fire by hand.

89) Bet on a horse.

90) Raise a dog (thanks Esquire).

91) Pawn one your belongings.

92) Roll your own cigarette.

93) Try medical marijuana when you’re not sick.

94) Peg the speedometer (thanks Esquire).

95) Shake the hand of a celebrity you’ve always admired.

96) Vote.

97) Give an impromptu speech at a party.

98) Give a eulogy.

99) Attend at least one major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, March Madness (thanks brass612).

100) Go to Mardi Gras.

101) Go to Times Square for New Year’s Eve.

102) Go backpacking in a foreign country.

103) Grow a beard or moustache.

104) Ride a camel.

105) Wear a leisure suit and mean it (thanks Andy).

106) Learn an extraordinary about an esoteric subject.

107) Watch Godfather (at least parts one and three).

108) Shoot an animal with a BB gun.

109) Build an igloo.

110) Weld something.

111) Grow out your hair. Before you cut it short, give yourself a mullet for a day.

112) Beat an arcade game.

113) Win something out of a claw machine.

114) Win a giant stuffed animal at a carnival.

115) Go to a freak show.

116) Flip through a Playboy.

117) Drag race (legally or illegally).

118) End somebody else’s sentence with “in bed.”

119) Go white water rafting.

120) Rent and jump a jet ski.

121) Sneak the words “That’s what she said” in a conversation at work.

122) Quote Hemingway.

123) Watch at least two Woody Allen films.

124) Join a picket line or protest.

125) Get a tailored suit.

126) Obtain glasses so you can appropriately view a solar eclipse.

127) Learn to juggle.

128) Own your own house.

129) Sleep outdoors without a tent for a night.

130) Volunteer at an animal shelter.

131) Go to a nudist camp or nude beach.

132) Own and care for a moon jellyfish for a period of at least one year (with a little help from Jellyfish Art).

133) Ride an elephant.

134) Dive off the high dive.

135) ?

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